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Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Hearing Loss

Hanover Hearing Center is dedicated to improving hearing health and the quality of life for people of all ages. We strive to provide the most technologically advanced and most affordable hearing solutions for our patients, along with the knowledge and customer service to make the solution perfect every time.

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We Are The Premiere Hearing Loss Solution Specialists

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Hearing Aid Fitting

It is through the testing and evaluation process we determine that hearing aids are the best solution for you.

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Hearing Instrument Repair

At Hanover Hearing Center we take pride in our ability to fix most hearing instrument problems quickly and in office.

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Hearing Testing

Our professionals will test and evaluate your hearing to determine if a loss is present.

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Oticon™ Hearing Aids

We hear with our brains and Oticon spends countless man hours, research, and development cost understanding this principle.

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Hearing Aid Information

There are many types of hearing aids on the market today.  Different sizes and shapes, along with strengths and connect-abilities.

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Starkey™ Hearing Aids

Evolv AI, Starkey’s complete line
of smartphoneconnected hearing aids.

We Accept Most Insurances!

Jane Reaver
Jane Reaver
Very good staff
Marty Wright
Marty Wright
Professional hearing aid business. Committed to helping all customers with hearing problems.
patty westbrook
patty westbrook
Best for hearing problem s
Stan Taulbee
Stan Taulbee
Absolutely professional and caring service for my 90 year old mother. I can depend on them for assistance whenever she has any issues with her hearing aids. I highly recommend Hanover Hearing if you have an elderly parent or family member who has hearing problems.
Cathy Wilkes
Cathy Wilkes
Corine took the time to assess my hearing needs. I spent years struggling to hear conversations. I would jump when people walked up behind me because I did not hear them approach me. Thanks to the staff at Hanover Hearing I have a set of Signia hearing aides that fit my needs and life. I am confident I am not missing or misinterpreted conversation
Danielle Tate
Danielle Tate
Friendly staff and reasonable prices for hearing aids.
Joseph Welch
Joseph Welch
Fantastic. Very caring
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Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss

At Hanover Hearing Center we alleviate any and all concerns when it comes to proper hearing care, maintenance, fitting, and support. With dedicated professionals and tenured experience, we are confident we have the best solution for your hearing loss needs.